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The Vision

A great state deserves a great capital city. A dynamic emerging region deserves a vibrant urban center.  Based on the Second Century Plan, Downtown Rising captured the regional aspirations and development priorities for Salt Lake City.

This is Utah’s capital city and it belongs to everyone. Downtown Rising is a shared vision for a great American City that embraces art, culture and education. It envisions a community that is welcoming, green and international. Downtown Rising celebrates the relationship between a dynamic metropolitan center and the success of the entire region. It is a commitment to our future.

What’s Next?

Downtown Salt Lake City's transformation since the launch of Downtown Rising in 2007 has been dramatic- our urban center is more dynamic and diverse than ever before. Now it is time to look to the future. Downtown has the opportunity to build on a decade of upward momentum with strategic green infrastructure, housing, transportation and environmental initiatives. This forward thinking will ensure future successes for downtown as a regional center for culture, commerce and entertainment.

Downtown Rising is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors