Community Plans

Since its launch in 2007, Downtown Rising has improved the vibrancy and prosperity of Downtown Salt Lake City. It is only through tremendous effort of both public servants and private interests, that this has been made possible. We encourage you to explore previous community plans in order to better understand how we have come to where we are today. 

Downtown Plan |  Adopted 2016

Northwest Quadrant | Adopted 2016

Plan Salt Lake | Adopted 2015

Life on State | Prepared by Wasatch Front Regional Council

Westside Master Plan | Adopted 2014

Community Preservation Plan | Adopted 2012

400 South Transit-Oriented Development | Adopted 2012

Downtown In Motion | Adopted 2008  

Central Community Master Plan | Adopted 2005 

Library Square Block Plan | Adopted 2002

Creating An Urban Neighborhood - Gateway District | Adopted 1998

Gateway Specific Plan | Adopted 1998

Transportation Master Plan | Adopted 1996

Salt Lake City Strategic Plan | Adopted 1993

Open Space Master Plan | Adopted 1992